Handel’s masterpiece - prepared and performed in just one day!

Mega Messiah


Who can take part in Mega Messiah?

Mega Messiah is open to all singers, whether or not they are used to singing in a choir. Individuals, groups of friends or family, or members of choirs can book tickets to sing this brilliant piece in a world-class venue – and for a great cause!

Do you have to be able to read music?

 We will be singing 14 choruses, so it really helps to be able to follow a score. Some people learn their parts from the sheet music alone, and some use recordings featuring their voice part prominently, such as the ones available on this website.

How do I get hold of the music?

If you don’t own a copy, or if you can’t borrow one from your own choir or your local library, you can always buy one from a music shop or online. You would then be able to mark your part as you wish. We recommend that you use the Watkins Shaw New Novello edition if possible, though the Prout version (also Novello) and editions published by Schirmer and Bärenreiter are also OK.

If you are desperate, there are websites where you can download the choruses, but we don't recommend using downloads as they may not correspond with the versions most commonly used.

Is the afternoon rehearsal compulsory?

As there’s so little time (which is part of the fun of it), everyone needs to be at the rehearsal to ensure that the performance is as well prepared as it can be. The conductor will be giving notes at the rehearsal and we will also have to finalise the seating arrangements before the evening performance.

Will the whole of Messiah be performed?

No, it will be under 2 hours of music taken from all three parts of this very long piece. Here are the Singers’ Notes including the full running order.

Can I sit with my friends? Several of us are coming from the same choir.

You should arrive early to Wales Millennium Centre in order to get the best seating possible as the seats are unreserved. Stewards will be there to help you find seats within your voice part area of the stalls, and the auditorium will be open from 30 minutes before the rehearsal start time on your ticket. It’s unlikely that people in different voice parts will be able to sit together. Once you have a seat allocated, you will need to make a note of where it is and keep the same seat throughout the rehearsal and the performance.

Do I have to tell you in advance which part I'm singing?

In order to help us organise the auditorium, we need to know how many singers there will be in each voice type. You are asked to indicate your voice type(s) when booking singing places online, and if you are booking by phone, the ticket office operative will ask you for this information. So, if you are organizing singing tickets for several people, please make sure that you know everyone’s voice type before you make the booking.

Is there a dress code?

With so many people singing, it will be hard for the conductor to easily identify the different voice types. So, we’d like each voice to wear tops in these colours:

  • Sopranos: black
  • Altos: green 
  • Tenors:  white
  • Basses: red

The tops can be different shades of the colours and can be any type of garment - ordinary T-shirts, shirts, jumpers, jackets, rugby shirts – this is not a formal event. If you really can’t beg or borrow a top in the right colour, then you could wear a scarf instead, but we’d like as many people as possible to wear coloured tops.

Where do we come into the building – at the front or at the stage door?

Please come to the main entrance at the front of the building, on Roald Dahl Plass. You will be seated in the auditorium, not on the stage, and you won’t have dressing rooms. (The Centre’s cloakroom will be available). Stewards and signs will point you in the right direction for your voice type.

What about disabled singers? Will there be room for wheelchairs?

Please let us know when booking if you require places for people in wheelchairs and their carers, whether singers or supporters. Also, there are a small number of disabled parking spaces at Wales Millennium Centre which you need to pre-book. Full details on all facilities for disabled visitors are here.

Will food be available?

There are several places within Wales Millennium Centre where you can purchase food - details are here. Also, there are many restaurants, cafés and food shops nearby in Cardiff Bay.

I understand it’s to raise money for a charity. Where can I find out more?

The concert is in aid of The Prince's Trust Fairbridge Programme, and Wales Millennium Centre's Creative Learning programme.

Find out more about the charities